Motivation by Maven Homes

In round 6 of Designers Challenge, in which every 2 weeks 2 home and garden designers will take the same RL picture as inspiration and create what they see in Second Life in their own way, Annunziata Macchi of MoltoBene! and Cain Maven of Maven Homes have chosen a picture of an adorable house as inspiration.

From Cain Maven of Maven Homes:

"In 1943, the psychologist Abraham Maslow published his theory on the hierarchy of needs.

Maslow illustrated his theory with a pyramid depicting the levels of human psychological and physical needs.

At the bottom level are basic needs such as food, water, sleep and shelter. The following levels provide safety, love and belonging, and esteem.

As a person ascends the steps of the pyramid they finally reach self actualization, the level where they realize their full potential.

Every journey up these steps starts at the bottom level, trying to find the bare necessities, including shelter from the elements.

Houses, in all their forms, are a vital part part of that first step on the path to self actualization.

In any world."

This is truly a work of art and an interesting place to reflect.

Go and take a look at Maven Homes as well as the Molt Bene! Mainstore!