The Looking Glass' La Mer

In round 5 of Designers Challenge, in which every 2 weeks 2 home and garden designers will take the same RL picture as inspiration and create what they see in Second Life in their own way, Marcus Inkpen of the Looking Glass and Kayle Matzerath of the Garden of Dreams chose an intriguing picture of a fish as inspiration.

Or in the words of Kayle Matzerath: "This scene got inspired by an ugly bowl and an incredibly sad fish who escapes into a world of delicious fishfood and self delusion. Help him stay in his imaginary heaven and try to not wake him up o.O"

His is not just a design, it is a large environment, where humans and fish have taken eachothers place. Everywhere you turn, a new surprise pops up.

Quite the contrast with the intimate and delicate creation of Marcus Inkpen. A perfect glass violin replaced the ugly bowl as living space for the fish. It invites you to contemplate and to meditate on the music within yourself.

You have to go see these for yourself, in the Looking Glass or the Garden of Dreams (follow the beacon)!