Little Boxes Days Gone By

The inspiration pic Elle Kirshner of Second Spaces and Sesi Ackland from Little Boxes put together conjured up childhood summers, those days when they would spend hours and hours in the sun without a care in the world. They decided to create bedrooms since they both remember how, at the end of those sunny summer days, they would retreat to our cool and peaceful bedrooms...and then do it all over again the next day.

The pieces of Sesi Ackland's Days Gone By Bedroom Set are inspired by the emotions evoked by the color pallette in the Vintage Summer Collage. The photos have faded and yellowed slightly with age much like her memories made by hot, lazy summer days of my past.

The lines of the furniture are simple and relaxed which are reminiscent of my childhood summers. The long days were spent outdoors from morning to night and were spent without a care, she didn't return home until she heard the crickets. For relief and rest, Sesi would retreat to the comfort of her own room where she listened to music or talked on the phone until the sun rose again."

You can see the creations of both designers at their shops Second Spaces and Little Boxes!