Dutchie's Blue set

Dutchies blue set is part of the sl designers challenge, in which every 2 weeks 2 home and garden designers take the same rl picture as inspiration and create what they see in Second Life in their own way.

This was the challenge Isla Geleach from Cheeky Pea and Froukje Hoorenbeek from Dutchie took on:

12 solo animations and 27 pg couple animations for friends, cuddles and romance, all carefully selected for their beauty, realism, fun and diversity. 6 solo and 13 come with rezzer scenes and/or wearable items like candles, breakfast, drinks, chocolate, books, newspapers, chess, a laptop and more. You get these by clicking in the white lace pillow in front.

Rocking chair
Sit on the chair and click it for 9 of the cutest single animations. Some of the animations like like drink, read, knit, needlepoint and sick come with wearable items like a blanket, a tissue and such. You get these by clicking on the pillow.

3 animations.

You can put your own pictures over the girls by dragging a texture from inventory on to one of the pictures.

You can see the creations of both designers at Dutchie and Cheeky Pea!